In-Wall Speaker Installation

In-Wall Speaker Installation - $85 / speaker

Speaker installation is the most labor intensive part of your home theater installation cost, about $85 per speaker. Depending on the structure we can recommend the mose efficient wire routing to minimize wall cuts. Before speaker installation we will complete a sight survey to determine best routing of wiring. Electronic scanners and cameras are used to locate cross beams, support studs or and electrical cabling.
Rectangular speakers are used for placement in a vertical wall with round speakers for the ceiling. A 6 ½” cone is typical for a standard size room with 2-front, 1-center and 2-back speakers for full surround sound 5.1. The sub-woofer speaker box is usually placed free standing on the floor or can be located behind furniture.

Larger 8” speakers are found in large Grand Rooms while smaller 5 ½” speakers are good for hall ways, baths and other small areas.

The objective is to insure installation with minimum or no dry wall access cuts.

Volume Control System - $99

When speakers are installed in other rooms (usually in pairs for 2-channel stereo sound), a separate room volume control is installed, about $99 per room. We recommend using a volume control to insure that just the right amount of sound is coming out of the speakers where needed.

Outdoor Speaker Installation - $150/pair

To host a party outdoors you need to make sure the music will reach everyone in your yard. With multiple options between wall mounted and rock speakers your system can sound as good outside as it does inside.
To discuss your speaker requirements or schedule a free speaker sight survey call one of our technicians at 305.479.9399 during business hours. Or Request an Online Estimate via our contact form.

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